親子で学ぶエシカル消費/ Learning about ethical consumption with parents and children together/ 亲子共同学习道德消费



え  →「え」いきょうを
し  →「し」っかりと
かる →「か」んがえ「る」
(出展:一般社団法人エシカル協会 『エシカルの覚え方』 http://ethicaljapan.org/)




いつもの買い物で商品を選ぶときには、ぜひ一呼吸おいて「えいきょうを しっかりと かんがえる」を実践してみてほしい。

■Learning about ethical consumption with parents and children together

 Promoting public awareness of ethical consumption is done all around Tokushima. Ethical consumption includes buying fair trade products and community supported agriculture. “Aeon de ethical consumption” was held for families to spread the idea. Participants got an explanation about labels of ethical consumption and other related ideas and went to checkpoints set up around the selling area to learn the meaning of the labels and activities attempted in Aeon. They could find labeled products right next to the checkpoints. A participant said that it is easier to learn in the field seeing real products than to listen to explanations. You can find a lot of products with the labels on them if you look carefully.

 In the lecture, “ethical” (E-SHI-KA-RU in Japanese) was defined as “consider the influence sufficiently”: E: EIKYOUWO (influence), SHI: SHIKKARITO (sufficiently)
KA, RU: KANGAERU (consider). (Reference: “How to Remember Ethical” from the Ethical Association http://ethicaljapan.org). They are engaging in this simple wordplay to encourage consumers to consider ethical issues connected to their purchases. 54.1% of GDP in 2017 involved household purchases (reference: Cabinet Office of Government of Japan). It is clear that domestic consumption has a huge impact on society.

 Other activities to raise public awareness of ethical consumption are planned, such as establishing an Ethical Consumption and Food Label course in the Graduate School of Consumers’ College, and founding ethical clubs in every high school in Tokushima within three years. The goal of such activities is to make consumers “consider sufficiently (their) influence” when they are shopping next time.


德岛县正致力于向全县普及道德消费。道德消费,指的是符合道德伦理的消费,如公平贸易、地方消费等。为了让更多人了解道德消费,德岛AEON MALL开办了以亲子为对象的“AEON de Ethical 消费(道德消费)”。



E →影响(えいきょうを)
thi →认真地(しっかりと)​
cal →考虑(考える)