Welcome to the Shikoku Environmental Partnership Office: Shikoku EPO !

We provide a wide range of environmental information within Shikoku, and also nationwide. You will find all information you need here! And if by chance you do not find what you need, let us know and we will see to it that you get it!


Objectives of Shikoku EPO

The Ministry of Environment has moved to forge environmental partnerships in regions nationally based on the act on measures implemented “Measures for Revitalization of Environmental Preservation Activities (mid-term report)” submitted by the Central Environment Council in December 2002 and the “Law for Enhancing Motivation on Environmental Conservation and Promoting of Environmental Education” passed by the lawmakers in July 2003.

The ministry established seven partnership offices (see the map) nationally, with the Shikoku EPO in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, as one of them. The office was opened in January 2007.

It is indispensable to partner with other local entities in order to solve environmental problems. Therefore we play the following roles to serve as a base to accelerate the involvement of the local NPOs, private corporations, governments and citizens:

1. Serving as a national office

Shikoku EPO plays a role to liaise with the national government, including the Ministry of Environment, to share information as well as to promote coordinated efforts in order to foster partnerships with local citizens, NPOs, private companies, and other local public entities.

2. Serving as a base of the regional block

Shikoku EPO supports collaborative efforts beyond the borders of municipalities or prefectures.

EPO in regions

EPO is set up in every region to cover the activities nationwide.

EPO in regions

Shikoku EPO is entrusted to and operated by NPO Ehime Global Network with the support of other entities.

Outline of Activities

Shikoku EPO has eight main activities.

(1) As a center for environmental information in Shikoku.

Releasing information on: events, TV programs, subsidies, e-mail publication, good examples (to disseminate unprecidented and good practices).

(2) As a catalyst to connect communities with schools.

Supporting environmental education such as: introduction and deployment of teachers (visiting teachers, model workshops) introduction of environment-related facilities introduction of materials.

(3) As a driving force to solve problems through “connecting” with others.

Networking: connection with various groups in Shikoku that may solve problems.

(4) As a practical adviser to “mold your ideas”.

Proposing policies: various supports to make political proposals

(5) As a place to see things from different aspects.

Providing places and inviting people to share/exchange ideas:place/opportunity to share/exchange views on a subject.

(6) As a place to learn a sustainable society.

ESD (education for sustainable development): education and awareness, introduction of examples

(7) As a first step to get started.

Coordinating/Consulting: matching people/groups/materials which can help tackle with your issues, matching activities

(8) As a library or rental space.

Lending: network office, books, DVDs, other materials, creaser panels.

Business Hours / Access

Business hours

How to get to the office

Please use public transportation as we do not have parking space for your car.

Shikoku EPO Office

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